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amanda-71Amanda has kindly allowed me to share with you her life long weight loss journey.


In her words she has “been overweight her entire life” peaking at 118kgs when she was just 21 years of age.


The kilograms began sh

ifting with a change in career from a desk job to a traffic controller. The new active lifestyle had her drop to 100kgs over a year. This success motivated her to improve her diet with a further staggering 20kgs being lost before losing focus and returning to 93kgs.


The next surge of motivation came after an emotional and dramatic 3kg binge eating session. It was decided enough was enough and this was “a ridiculous way to live!”. She began healthy eating with the addition of physical activity and NewDirections to reach her current weight of the low 70’s.


Amanda is the lightest, fittest and most confident she has ever been! She tells me her biggest challenge now is accepting that she is “a skinny person” and has to get used to the attention that comes with that.


She is amazed at how people that previously didn’t give her the time of day are now falling over backwards to help her and say hello.

We are all incredibly proud of your achievements and will be there for you every step of the way to keep you on track for the future. AMANDA, YOU ARE A HAPPY GO LUCKY INSPIRATION!


It’s been a tough but very rewarding four months. Kicking butt training four times a week and maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. At times it has been a challenge but well worth the fight!

Over the years I’ve tried to achieve my fitness goals but haven’t had someone to push me through and motivate me. It wasn’t until I met Matt and the New Directions crew that I was able to get the right support to reach my goals! It can be tough to stay motivated and consistent when you are going at it by yourself but when there is someone behind you cheering you on and pushing you through all
the uncertainties it makes it so much easier.

Being fit and healthy is now a part of my lifestyle. It’s become a fun and more enjoyable experience. It is through the support of New Directions that I am able to feel confident with my body and help others along the way.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have done anything different except for start my journey earlier. If you want something you HAVE to fight for it. The sooner you start, the happier and healthier you’ll become! Keep going with your goals, stay motivated and surround yourself with like-minded and determined people. You can do it!



In 2013 Jeremy weighed in at 110kgs.Jezy Tri
He had a history of heart disease and diabetes in his family. After the passing of his brother due to a heart attack, he knew he had to make a change.

Since joining NewDirections, Jeremy has:
–  Successfully lost 18kgs
–  Accomplished an Olympic Distance Gatorade Triathlon
–  Increased his strength for an aerial dance show

– Competed in the Port Macquarie Half Iron Man in October 2015.

MARKmark ironman

Mark joined in 2013 and has since gone from strength to strength.

Since joining NewDirections, Mark has:
–  Successfully lost 7 kilos
– Accomplished muscle ups, single arm chin ups and many difficult gymnastic rings exercises.
–  Completed the ½ Melbourne Marathon 2014
–  Competed in the Gatorade Triathlon Series 2015
–  Completed the Port Macquarie Half Ironman 2015.

Disclaimer: There is no garantee of specific results shown above. Specific results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. These are examples of our dedicated clients that Live Fit, Eat Well and are Proud of their accomplishments.






When Greg started with NewDirections a little over a year ago he had hit his 50’s with an ever aching body. He knew he had to change the way he was training but, was wary of trainers treating him like a 20 year old only to leave him even more battered and bruised. He was yearning for the old days when he could rock up to any triathlon, marathon or IronMan 70.3 and complete it without question.

Unfortunately, he hit a period of bad luck with a nagging shoulder impingement, aching knees from years of impact and worst of all plantar fasciitis in both feet that hadn’t improved after a year of rehabilitation programs. (Plantar-fasciaiitis is a term used for chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia that is a coating around the base of your foot).

He was worried the good days were behind him and he would simply have to let go of the dream of another IronMan.

With the guidance of NewDirections Greg took part in a round of shock wave therapy used to stimulate healing of the inflamed tissue with Amy Haddock from Leap Back Physiotherapy. In addition, he was prescribed a rehabilitation program and individualized group fitness classes with the motivating goal of the 2017 Geelong IronMan. We had 12 months to make it a reality.

The journey was full of highs and lows with endless bouts of 2 steps forward and one step back… It took a long time to believe his come back was truly possible.

The turning point was when Greg completed a 10km run in 45 minutes and felt great. No aches, no pains and no looming secondary injuries.

Once I knew Greg was committed to the Geelong IronMan 70.3 I signed my name up as well and we took on the challenge together. The day was complete with all weather conditions and emotions… These endurance events can be a real symbol of life. For periods you feel great, unstoppable and it’s easy to persevere until you are hit by a wave that sends salt water into your stomach, winds that make you feel like you’re going backwards and rain that leaves your extremities numb to the bone.

The bike leg was miserable and Greg was left questioning himself “Why did I devote a year of my life to take on such a fete!?” Until he rode past a cyclist that was receiving medical attention after a fall and was reminded what a really bad day looks like. He needed to enjoy this moment, soak it up he’d be on the run soon and that’s where he would be at his strongest, flying past his competitors. He told me later that he talked to every person he past to draw energy from them. For those that know Greg this is not surprising and it clearly worked! He ran very well with a 4 minute 50 second average pace for the half marathon. A fantastic effort!

A very relieved and proud Greg crossed the finish line beating his goal time of 6 hours with 5 hours 59 minutes and 26 seconds.

I am sure I speak for all of us at NewDirections when I say we are all incredibly proud of you and grateful to have you as a part of our community.


If you would like to join NewDirections sign up today with our Free 7 Day Trail offer that will expire at the end of February or by simply emailing us at info@newdirections-pt.com.




Congratulations on winning client of the month Laura Ramsay!

You have achieved so much in your time with us at NewDirections. From the challenges of moving cities and building a new life for yourself, to becoming the fittest and healthiest you have ever been in your life.

We are all so proud of your 11kgs weight loss, your growth in confidence and strength in character.

For those of you that do not know Laura personally here is a little bit of background coming directly from her..

“I began this journey due to bullying all through high school which resulted in anxiety and a lot of unhappiness. When I moved to Melbourne, it was a chance for me to start fresh.

This has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing that I have ever done in my life.

My biggest supporters would have to be family, friends and of course Matty and the NewDirections team! I have lost so far 11kg and have a long way to go before I reach my goal of wearing bathers and of course being the happiest and healthiest person I possibly can be.”

We can not wait to see your face when you have achieved all of the goals you set out to achieve when you moved to Melbourne.

Congratulations on taking the risk of leaving home, doing your first class and working hard to make it all pay off.

Written by Matthew Curnow,
Exercise Scientist