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Strength & Tone

This is where we build your toned and strong body.


Strength training is important for everyone! IT builds bone density, increases your muscle mass which in turn increases your basal metabolic rate (this means you can eat more, even if you don’t do anything!) and it keeps you looking healthy, toned and strong.


Everyone uses the reps, sets and weights range that matches their goals in these workouts. For the beginners that are looking for long lean toned muscles you will be learning how to do push ups on your toes for the first time, difficult movements such as the clean and jerk to maximize calorie burn while completing strength activities.

For those looking to bulk up and really challenge yourselves you’ll be pushed to the limit with single arm chin ups challenges, weighted dips, rings exercises and much more!


The result is you have a great physique with low body fat, a toned or strong physique and you feel terrific when you walk down the street!


Start your free 2 week group training trial with us by going to our timetable using our Mindbody calendar or simply request your sessions directly below.


We cannot wait to see you there!

See the video playlists below to discover some of the exercises you will be mastering very soon to build a toned and powerful you!

Fantastic Leg Toning Exercises to look forward to!

Kettlebell exercises to build your power.


Book in for a FREE class today and start your fitness journey!