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10 Signs Your Personal Trainer Is Right For You

By newdirectionshf@gmail.com | In News | on March 31, 2016

1. They Are Always Punctual

Your trainer is on time, alert, prepared and organised. Nobody wants to be wasting their time waiting for their trainer at 6am in the morning because they’re late, or god forbid, still asleep…

2. Highly Educated

Your trainer is degree qualified with a Bachelor of Exercise Science or greater. A trainer that just graduated from their 8-week full-time course (or 6 month/2 days a week course) isn’t the best choice. You are their test bunny. They are affectively training you and hoping for the best, which is not very reassuring…
If your trainer can’t tell you exactly why you are performing an exercise, how it relates to your goals and what beneficial adaptations you can expect both physically and mentally, it’s time to move on.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

A great trainer is more than a guide to how to exercise. Your relationship must be strongly based on trust, mutual respect and discipline.
They are always in your corner. They should show you how to be better, stronger and obviously fitter, within the safety of a no-judgement environment with your best interests at heart.
If you need, they should be your confidante, mentor, motivator or even your crush, if that would make you get up in the morning!

4. Happy To Go Out Of Their Way For You

Your trainer should be happy to get up early. They should hold you accountable – that means they won’t let you slack off. Better yet, do they have an app or some strategy to keep you working hard even when they aren’t there?

5. Create A Safe Environment For You

Nobody wants to hang out with a dragon breathing down his or her neck. Likewise, you shouldn’t train anywhere that you don’t feel safe and relaxed. Your personal trainer should create an environment for you to train where you feel comfortable and confident.

6. Challenge You

Push you to the next level of health and fitness – even if you never thought possible it was a possible goal for you. They’re on your team. They want you to achieve your goals… and then create bigger ones!

7. Effectively Monitor and Evaluate Your Performance

If you are in search of improvement, charting your performance on a regular 4-6 week basis is essential to keeping both you and your trainer accountable.

8. Promote Free Healthy Nutrition

Whether via regular Facebook posts, newsletters or flyers, your trainer should always be giving you healthy tips and tricks to incorporate healthier living into your everyday life.

9. Personalise Your Sessions

Your trainer understands you, your goals and your motivations. Coupled with their knowledge of physiology, psychology, anatomy and biomechanics you have been created the perfect program for you to achieve your goals in a given time frame.

10.Have Your Best Interests At Heart

Your PT is there to support you, motivate you and inspire you in whatever way best serves you, either via correspondence, small group training sessions, one-on-one training, nutrition consultations, large-scale boot camps. The options are endless. They have you at the heart of their motivation. When your PT is thinking about you, your results are their results so they want to get you moving!
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2 Comments to "10 Signs Your Personal Trainer Is Right For You"

  • www.youtube.com says:

    July 11, 2016 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Some truly nice stuff on this website, I love it.

    1. newdirectionshf@gmail.com says:

      July 20, 2016 at 3:52 am - Reply

      Thank you Youtube 🙂 We have plenty more to come!

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